Cierra, a Breast Cancer Thriver! Cierra Johnson March 25, 2022

Cierra, a Breast Cancer Thriver!

Cierra Johnson's Story-A-Breast-Cancer-Thriver-Fighting-Cancer-Today

My name is Cierra, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29.  This came as a complete surprise because I previously had no major health issues. Honestly, up till this point, I was thought to be pretty healthy.  In a matter of minutes, my life changed, just how much it would change; only the coming days and months would tell. On top of this, my everyday life was still taking place. 

Managing my diagnosis while still being a wife, mother, and working brought many challenges. As I faced many of the unknowns that cancer brought, it became vital for me to learn about the experiences of others to help guide me on my journey. I soon realized that there is no clear-cut road map to fighting cancer. Everyone has a unique experience, and mine would also be.

By taking my experiences along with the shared experiences of others, I realized I didn’t just want to help myself, but I needed to help others as they fought cancer. While I was fighting cancer, Fighting Cancer Today was founded. I realized early on through the support I received that it truly takes an entire community to fight cancer. 

Fighting Cancer Today was formed to create a compassionate community that is a beacon of support to those in need.