HIW Raffle Winner Cierra Johnson December 8, 2022

HIW Raffle Winner


Congrats to The Bosoluke Family!

On Saturday, October 1st, 2022, The Bosoluke Family was named the winner of the LG Stainless Steal Washer & Dryer Raffle sponsored by Home Improvement Warehouse (HIW) of Carbondale, Illinois. The family said they just wanted to support the fundraiser. When informed that they were the winner, the family didn’t even realize they had entered a raffle when they donated. Doing a good deed always pays off, and it certainly did for the Bosoluke Family.

The Bosoluke’s photo pictured on the left was captured when picking up the washer and dryer set later in October. Thank you to The Bosoluke Family and HIW for supporting the Southern Illinois community’s families battling cancer. This fundraiser raised over $1,000 for the Southern Illinois Financial Assistance Program which provides direct support for living expenses such a rent, utilities, mortgage, transportation, insurance, and more.